Dermal Filler

During your consultation, anti-wrinkle injections may also be discussed if suited to your concerns. In most cases, the combination of Dermal & Anti-wrinkle Injections achieves a superior aesthetic outcome.

Minimal discomfort is experienced during the procedure. Slight redness, bruising, swelling and tenderness may occur for up to a week after the treatment.

Plumping can be seen straight away however, the end result of your dermal filler will not be achieved until 2 weeks after treatment due to swelling and slight bruising.

The return appointment/s, vary depending on the area and the patient. Once you achieve your ideal results, filler should be assessed once a year to prevent overfilling and reduce the risk of migration.

Starting from
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Treatment Time

45 - 60 mins

Recommended Interval


Recovery Time

5 - 10 days (swelling), 7 - 10 days (bruising)

Treatment video
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Pre-treatment Care
  • No Makeup
  • No alcohol for 24 hours
  • No blood-thinning medication such as Nurofen or aspirin
  • Must not be pregnant or breastfeeding
  • No vaccination for 2 weeks prior to appointment
  • No waxing or facials for 1 week
  • Must not have any permanent filler in area to be treatment
  • Make sure you eat prior to the procedure to prevent nausea
Post-treatment Care
  • No excessive sweating for 24 hours
  • No Makeup for 12 hours 
  • Do not rub the area for 12 hours 
  • No alcohol for 24 hours
  • No blood-thinning medication such as Nurofen or aspirin for 24 hours
  • No vaccination for 2 weeks post appointment
  • No  waxing or facials for 1 week
  • Increase water intake for 24 hours
  • Be mindful of hot foods and drinks as full sensation to lips may be impaired for 12 hours
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